How It Works

How Wore it Once Works

1. Set up your shop

Wore It Once makes setting up your shop and listing your used clothing items a snap. List one item or ten. It’s up to you. Create your own shop brand with your own graphics, messaging and clothing items. Link to your own Facebook, Instagram or any social media page to promote your items. Learn more here.

2. Communicate safely

Buy and sell with confidence. Wore It Once uses a safe and private internal messaging system. When a customer is interested in an item, they simply click the “Contact Seller” button in your store or on the item’s detail page and away you go. This communication is:

  • Safe and easy
  • Allows buyers to ask questions about the items
  • Allows buyers and sellers to agree to their own terms like shipping and return options
  • Seller can agree to a price without changing the list price of the item in the store

3. Seller sends money request

Once the buyer and seller agree to a price, the seller uses a safe payment processor like Paypal and sends a money request to the buyer.

  • Paypal is safe, easy and extremely popular
  • Buyer does not need a Paypal account

4. Make shopping fun!

Wore It Once is a great place to shop for used wedding dresses, clothing, gowns, coats, bags and jewelry. Choose from a huge collection of styles, brands, sizes, and prices. Whether you are shopping for something new or used, you’re sure to love it on Wore It Once.

5. Discover the Wore It Once community

We’re more than just another shopping destination. Wore It Once focuses on offering a one-of-a-kind experience in connecting people and their closets. Join us and be part of a great community where we thrive on trust, respect, and a shared love for fashion!