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Inbal Dror, BR-13-05, Size 36


This Inbal Dror dress is stunning! Only was worn once at my wedding in December of 2017. Perfect if you don’t want to pay full price for a new Inbal Dror gown, or don’t have time to wait the 5-9 months’ turnaround time for a new one!

This design is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to wear a conventional wedding dress. This dress is romantic yet sexy with a modern touch. It is handcrafted in Israel for 6 months. This dress is the perfect combination of timeless and feminine. The intricate lace detail through this dress is absolute art- with little notes of sparkles and beading and it is truly incredible.

The dress material is alencon (french) lace in ivory/nude color combination. It exudes a “sexy yet sweet” vibe, with a deep plunging V-neck and low back, long elegant train (which can be tied up into a french bustle), subtle pockets on the hips and delicate bows on the shoulders. It fits like a glove and is super comfortable.

I am 1,64 cm tall and wore a 13 cm heels with the dress.

This was my absolute dream dress and made my day even more special. I had so many compliments! It has been dry cleaned in Paris to perfect condition.

The minor alterations I made to the dress, makes it even better than its original. I had more lace added near the bust area and the V neck has been raised slightly in a tasteful manner so it remains sexy but not too revealing. My seamstress has added a nude padding behind the lace to give a boost to my bust and this has been done in a way that you don’t see it from outside. She also lowered the arm hole opening slightly so it didn’t hit/rub right under my armpit (this was hardly noticeable, but made the dress so much more comfortable. Also, I have gotten the dress slightly shortened.

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